Customer Testimonial Video - Tech Company

September 08, 2023

Noor is the Director of Marketing for a B2B SaaS tech startup, hear her experience working with Get Knowticed.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Noor, Director, Digital Marketing and Content

Tell us about your experience working with Get Knowticed?

Noor: Our experience with Get Knowticed has been wonderful. The team is very knowledgeable regarding the tech industry and really understanding that B2B tech buyer and journey, which is really, really important for us. The experience has been seamless, easy and cannot, you know, recommend them enough.

What problems were you facing before working with Get Knowticed?

Noor: Prior to working with Get Knowticed, we did work with another agency and we faced a number of challenges from lack of communication to false expectations and a lack of urgency. Unfortunately, we didn't get the results that we were told we're going to get, which as a marketer feels like a gut punch. Especially when you're spending those dollars.

What happened after working with Get Knowticed?

Noor: After working with, Get Knowticed, we were able to increase our conversions by 4X! We gained incredible visibility online with paid search and seo and we dropped our cost per acquisition by 50%.

What was the process of working together like?

Noor: Working with, Get Knowticed has been wonderful. It's seamless, easy, finding a partner that understands you and is able to communicate effectively and consistently is key. Especially with our paid search efforts. Our relationship just flourished right off the bat!

If someone was on the fence about working with Get Knowticed, what would you tell them?

Noor: If you're wondering if you should partner with Get Knowticed My answer is YES! They will be your partner. See you through, give you knowledgeable, insights, recommendations, help you out with strategy. They have a lot of knowledge here when it comes to marketing campaigns, paid search, seo and so forth. You know, don't hesitate, get on a call with them. You'll see how effective they are with their communication. And really, you know, sit there and understand you and your business and how to help you. And it's, it's, it's wonderful.

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