Polanco for Student Testimonials

February 27, 2023

Video Transcript

What’s your favorite part about taking classes online with Georgia Military College?

So my favorite part of taking classes on Georgia Military College is that the instructors definitely assisted me being in the service with my high temple, especially with everything going on. Um me living in Germany six hours ahead of the school itself, working with me at any time with assignments or anything of that sort because I'm always pretty much a day ahead. Um The structure, the instructors are willing to answer emails at any time, especially when it's not your in their office hours to assist me if I had come into any complications during the class. That is pretty much why. Ah my favorite bible taking online classes, especially for someone that uh, that never liked taking online classes. It was very difficult and for some reason the instructors never worked with me and any other colleges that I attended when it came to online classes. So I'm very happy to be part of GMC. Thank you.

How has GMC Online prepared you to be an effective leader?

How's GMC Online preparing me to be an effective leader just with the english classes that have been taught while attending GMC, um has taught me how to properly write documentation, which is very important being in the position that I'm in. Um, and what I do as a career, it definitely helps me assist others within my section just to be successful overall with our careers and learning how to write different types of documents that fall within the military.

What makes GMC unique?

what makes GMC unique? Well being someone that has actually attended the Augusta campus and has attended the online, I will say the instructor, the instructors instructors of GMC definitely makes it unique. Being someone that's been in college before, at my younger age, um, definitely did not have the, how can I say, very monotone, um, not exciting classes, but being with GMC in campus, all the instructors were upbeat motivated and definitely made the class enjoyable. Um, also with the online classes, again, the instructors, um, just a different way that they push out the information, the way they keep us updated, the way they utilize starfish. Um, to talk to us, let us know how we're doing in the class. How, what, what, what ways can we better ourselves if we're not ready? We're, if we're not doing so good, if we are doing great, the continue to allow us to let us know that we are doing great. Um, and I don't know, I just, to me, it's unique just in general, just the vibe that I get when I was on campus knowing that it was a dual enrollment campus and seeing um, kids, the age of my oldest uh, son, almost about to pretty much walk out of a college campus with his not only his high school degree, but pretty much almost his associates degree and that's huge for, for us and for our future for our country's future, it's very huge. Um, and that's what you're gonna see is unique

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