Leilah Johnson for Georgia Military College Video Testimonials

August 21, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Leilah Johnson, Program Manager, Woodard and Curran

What comes to mind when you think of Georgia Military College?

Leilah Johnson: GMC students are different because their choices served not only better themselves but the communities that they surround themselves with GMC S focus on responsibility and leadership doesn't just build up students, but it develops graduates that go on to become team and mission focus leaders.

Why do you want to hire GMC graduates?

Leilah Johnson: At Woodard and Curran. We share GMC S values of leadership and community engagement. We wanna hire GMC grads because their goals transforming students into effective leaders and engaged citizens, mesh with ours engaged leaders don't overlook the little things and they put their communities first when it comes to a community's wastewater treatment, these qualities matter.

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