Ronald Moses for Alumni Testimonials

March 08, 2022

Ronald Moses shares his positive experience as a Georgia Military College online student.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ronald Moses, Executive Senior Associate AD , Old Dominion University

Why did you choose Georgia Military College?

Ronald Moses: I fell in love with the prospects of starting somewhere that was catered to the first generation college students like myself. I didn't really have anybody in my family that finished college previously. The faculty and the staff and people of that nature really gave us a kind of warm welcome right off at GMC. And what we wanted to do and what we wanted to study in the prospects and kind of gave me that personal reinforcement that I could go to college and I could be successful at that level. So after that I kind of decided that day like this is where I want to go.

What values did GMC instill in you that contributed to your success?

Ronald Moses: I think the most valuable thing I took from GMC was honestly consistency and showing up when I went I was terrified of going to some of these classes. Never had a great GPA. In high school. I only got low grades. Didn't think I would do very well remember my first semester wondering what if I flunk out in the first semester that I had the mental fortitude that I had a self-efficacy to actually come in here and and complete my studies and go to class and do those things. But because of the structure, because of some of the faculty, I showed up every day and I showed up every day and I listened and I learned and I did the assignments and what I learned was it was a consistent aspect. The more consistent I was, the more I showed up, the more I did my homework, the more I had positive reinforcement from the faculty and staff, the better I got, the more self occasions as a student I became all those things really happened and I really, I took that from GMC. You wanna left GMC and went to the University of Georgia. Already had that good foundation built

Tell us about your experience at GMC.

Ronald Moses: I mean I had a great experience, honestly had a great experience. I've never had a three point anything previously in my life and was able to graduate with above a 3.0 was able to matriculate to the University of Georgia overall had a really positive experience. at GMC had great professors that helped me learn some subjects, especially math and science to stem based majors are really struggled in and my math professors at GMC were amazing. My science professors at GMC were amazing. Those professors actually stood out more than any other ones because those were the classes I was most hesitant to take, but they were great, they were great developmental professors. They were great teachers and they understood what first gen college students and what students who may struggle in those areas really needed.

What advice do you have for students considering applying to GMC?

Ronald Moses: I'll tell students all the time to go to a school like GMC or to the community college level to really start out, take some of those classes really build your way up and then transfer to the four year that you want to go to. That's what it's there for. And it's a benefit to a lot of students that I'll push a lot if they're unsure about colleges, they're not sure exactly what they want to do. That's really good for them. So I tell people all the time don't go to the place that you think is the most popular. Don't go to the place that you think you know it looks better on your resume, go to the place that's really gonna work for you.

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