EMAP Student Testimonial Video - Elizabeth Danon

September 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Elizabeth Danon, Class of 2023

What program at Georgetown are you currently enrolled in or did you graduate from?

Elizabeth Danon: My name is Elizabeth. This past May I graduated from Georgetown's Environmental Metrology and Policy Masters of Science Program.

What's it like to be a grad student at Georgetown?

Elizabeth Danon: Being an older graduate student who had to commute pretty far from campus, certainly had its challenges. AKA the traffic. But, there are also many benefits. One being the networking, not only with younger students, not only with people my age, but also with the professionals who are teaching us. For example, I have connections in the EPA and NIST now as well as other organizations. And I was also able to get involved with some campus organizations which was pretty exciting um especially being an older graduate student.

How have you collaborated with faculty?

Elizabeth Danon: So, while at Georgetown, I did collaborate with other faculty mainly in my capstone research. So I worked very closely with Dejun Chen, who is the head of the laboratory that we have in the EMAP program, the metrology lab. And we worked with him on our capstone research. We also worked closely with Dr. Mann, who is not part of the EMAP program but is with the biology department. This was as well for our capstone.

How will your program help you achieve your professional goals?

Elizabeth Danon: Because the EMAP program is interdisciplinary in both the science and policy aspects, it's very attractive to future employers. So that part has already been greatly benefiting me. An even larger aspect that I appreciate is the fact that the professors are so willing to help with job searches, resume critiques as well as mock interviews. And these are people who have 30 plus years of experience both within the EPA and NIST.

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