DSPP Student Testimonial Video- Douglas Hummel-Price

October 04, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Douglas Hummel-Price, Class of 2020

What program at Georgetown are you currently enrolled in or did you recently graduate from?

Douglas Hummel-Price: I graduated from the Masters degree program in Data Science for Public Policy at the McCort School.

What's it like to be a grad student at Georgetown?

Douglas Hummel-Price: Being a grad student at Georgetown is intellectually stimulating, challenging and rewarding. You're surrounded by students and professors each with their own unique perspectives, all of whom are there for the same purpose to learn, not just for learning's sake, but to make a real difference in the world.

How have you collaborated with faculty?

Douglas Hummel-Price: In between my 1st and 2nd year, I started working as a research assistant for Professor Bill Gormley on the Tulsa Pre-K project. Fast forward a few years and I'm building my own career as an education research and policy expert. I've had the opportunity to moderate a conference panel that included my former professors and published several articles. All of this is possible through the guidance that Bill provided me as a graduate student.

How will your program help you achieve your professional goals?

Douglas Hummel-Price: The work that I do, Education Research, sits right at the intersection of data science and public policy. I consistently understand more of the policy and people side of things than my technical peers and the data tools and skills that I learned give me a clear advantage over policy experts without these abilities.

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