MPP Student Testimonial - Brittany Fried

October 17, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Brittany Fried, Class of 2023

What program at Georgetown are you currently enrolled in or did you recently graduate from?

Brittany Fried: Hi, my name is Brittany and I recently graduated from the McCourt School of Public Policy where I got a Master's of Public Policy and was in the evening program.

What's it like to be a grad student at Georgetown?

Brittany Fried: I absolutely love my time as a graduate student at Georgetown, I found that the community was so welcoming and so inviting in and people were incredibly motivated to go on and make a positive impact in the world to engage with their studies, to get to know their classmates and really to get to explore DC as well. So I really enjoyed especially the sense of community as well as the great professors I had as a grad student at Georgetown.

How have you collaborated with faculty?

Brittany Fried: Some of my favorite memories from Georgetown were definitely the interactions with our incredible faculty. I spent a lot of time in office hours with my different professors to get to know them, their experiences, their advice for my time at Georgetown and beyond. Additionally, I really loved the thesis process. I had an absolutely incredible thesis advisor and mentor who throughout the year was supportive, pushed us so that we could end with a project that we were really proud of. And so for those reasons, I'm really grateful for the Georgetown and the McCort School Public Policy Faculty.

How will your program help you achieve your professional goals?

Brittany Fried: My program really helped me develop necessary skills but also build a network of individuals that could help me achieve my career goals. Since I was in the evening program, I actually worked throughout my entire time at McCourt here at Georgetown University in the School of Foreign Service and being able to do my Master's on top of this work was an incredible way to focus on skills that I needed to develop, to move forward in my career progression, especially the quantitative skills, the international development, uh expertise and things such as this. And now I'm really excited to share that I'm going to be working in the field of international development in Bosnia and Herzegovina and also have the opportunity to do a U.S. government fellowship, two opportunities I don't think I would have had without this degree from McCourt and Georgetown.

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