Samuel Bolarinwa for Bukky Video Testimonials

September 10, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Samuel Bolarinwa, CEO, Elite Group

Could you describe a time Bukky Shabi helped you?

Samuel Bolarinwa: Yeah. Um So, and it became pretty much in a very low point in my business. Um I was trying to create um a database of some sort and like a digital work space to manage stuff and all. But I mean, I was having a hard time just, just literally, just literally impossible, right? I just, I watched some youtube videos and all the lines and I was able to, I was unable to, you know, find my way around it. But um I reached out, that's when I reached out to uh Bukky , right? So, uh you know, I remember when I met her, it just kind of funny me because I was like, are you sure you can get this done because I've tried my best and I couldn't really find anything. So I just, you know, allowed her to do a thing, right? I want made Bukky stand out towards the way she paid attention to the details, you know, when we were having our first meeting, she was, she was asking some very um intentional questions that really gave me the assurance that I know she's, she's a, she's a wonderful choice for this particular you know, project.

How would you describe Bukky in three words?

Samuel Bolarinwa: Yeah. Right. So, three words to describe Bukky first one I'm gonna say is talented. This lady knows her stuff. Right. She's, she's very talented. Second one is innovative. This lady she knows how to make things work. Even when it seems like it's not gonna work. She's, she's that kind of person. And the third one, which I love so much is she's professional. She brings in a professional approach to the project. I mean, I, when I saw her approach, you know, everything was just like top notch. It was, she's a top notch person. Yeah.

Why is Bukky different from other similar products or services?

Samuel Bolarinwa: Yeah. So I must say Bukky has a very wonderful communication skills in the sense that um you know, I didn't really have to run after r for her to give me a date on what's going on. She was constantly feeding me on, on every progress she made on every changes she made on when, when she needed to know some of that stuff. And like, and she was wonderful to collaborating with not just me but every other person in my team that needed assistance on um something. And I also say something very um very particular about Bukky is the way she knows the to the tool, right? She's very, she's an expert with, no, I don't know. Someone can just literally say she was born with it, right? She was, she knows a way around it. You know, she just, you know, she, the way she plays around with is just amazing. I, I love her for that.

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