Vicki Kol for Bukky Video Testimonials

September 07, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Vicki Kol, Project Manager, Marvel Creatives

Could you describe a time Bukky Shabi helped you?

Vicki Kol: Bukky And I once collaborated on a project where she assisted in creating a customer relationship management system for my company. Using notion. She had such a clear vision of what I needed and provided technical expertise to bring the vision to life. She designed a comprehensive um CRM system that streamlined my company's customer relationships and interactions, improved efficiency and enhanced my overall business operations. It was such a rewarding experience working with Bukky honestly, she is so efficient and she knows her stuff. It was we achieved a very successful outcome together and it benefited my company.

How would you describe Bukky in three words?

Vicki Kol: Ok, if I were to describe Bukky in three words, I would say first, she is i nnovative, so full of brilliant, full of ideas. And two, she is efficient. She knows her stuff. And, um, finally, I would say she is reliable. You can rely on her, you can trust her to do to get the job done and she will do it excellently.

Why is Bukky different from other similar products or services?

Vicki Kol: Bukky stands out from other similar customers or clients that I have worked with and notion due to her um exceptional level of engagement and clarity in her project goals. She is highly proactive and she ensures she values communication ensures that she has a deeper understanding of your company's needs. And she provides detailed specifications for the CRM project. Her willingness to proactively participate in the project offers valuable insights and um makes sure the project comes out beautifully, a job well done. She does a job perfectly.

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