Vicki Kol for Customer Testimonial Page

September 13, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Vicki Kol, CEO, Marvel Creatives

Could you describe what project Bisola helped you with?

Vicki Kol: Um I had the pleasure of working with Visa on the Notion project. She helped me set up my workspace and it was such an invaluable experience.

What was your overall experience working with her?

Vicki Kol: Um I would say I had an amazing experience working with Miss Visa because um her ability, her attention to details and organization skills are top notch. She ensured that the project runs with me. And um she was very efficient with the job. She did it efficiently basically.

Why is Bisola different from others you've worked with on similar projects?

Vicki Kol: Um what sets her apart is her expertise and her commitment to excellence. That's what makes her different. She is a very passionate person. She's passionate about getting the job done and passionate about getting it done effectively. That's what sets her apart from other service providers.

How would you describe Bisola in three words?

Vicki Kol: If I were to describe Miss Pisa in three words, first, I would say she is a very innovative person. She is very creative. She just comes up with such amazing ideas for startups and um workspaces. And um I would say she is reliable, you can bank and hard to get the job done and trust that she would do it efficiently. And finally, I would say she is a committed person. She's very dedicated to her job and she does it very well excellently, that's what I would say about her.

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