Paul for Customer Testimonial Page

September 13, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Paul, Bubble.io development

Could you describe what project Bisola helped you with?

Paul: Oh, yeah. So um helped me with um a project on dot IU and um it was um to develop AC RM software that to help manage my construction company data. And then it has been a smooth one and I was able to even scale it up to the extent I was able to sell some equipment through some payment gateway, which before actually helped me settle.

What was your overall experience working with her?

Paul: Well, I can say um working with was great and um should I say uh it was a in this compared to other freelancers or developers, I have worked with communication was top notch. She communicated every problem she faced and I was able to understand she, she attention to details was, was nice as well. So I can say that was a, that's a good one for me. It was an awesome experience.

Why is Bisola different from others you've worked with on similar projects?

Paul: Yes. Right. Besides from others, I have worked with our communication skills is nice and also um attention to details. Yeah, I love that she pays attention to details and also um, a desire or she goes over and beyond to give quality work that's to meet the satisfaction of the client. And um, it was, it, it's a great one.

How would you describe Bisola in three words?

Paul: Um I would describe in three words, should I say? Um creative, yeah, compassionate and determined. Yeah.

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