Mary Jordan for Customer Testimonial Page

September 13, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mary Jordan, CEO Jordan fitness

Could you describe what project Bisola helped you with?

Mary Jordan: Hi. So, um I would like to thank Viola for handling my Nation project effectively. I had an issue in my workspace. I wasn't able to do some activities that day, but once I reached out to her, she, she was really timely. She paid attention to detail and delivered excellently what I wanted. Now, I can perform activities on my national workspace. So, thank you so much, Viola.

What was your overall experience working with her?

Mary Jordan: Well, my overall experience working with her, I would say was 100% great. She's really effective. She is a very good communicator. Anytime she had um a question and she was always reaching out to me. Anytime she did something on the workspace, she was always reaching out to me. So I would say she was 100% effective. My experience with that was great. I had no issues at the. So I recommend her for any notion project because she's actually an expert.

Why is Bisola different from others you've worked with on similar projects?

Mary Jordan: OK, is actually very different from other people. I've worked for, like I mentioned, she's a very good communicator. And one thing I value very well is communication should be able to communicate with me when you have issues when you are doing something. So, and she did that effectively. She paid attention to detail. Also, I told her what I wanted and she really paid attention to detail. She didn't go past what I wanted and she didn't do below what I expected. So, yeah, she's very depend from people I've worked for because I have had issues with other freelancers. But trust me working with her was very easy. Was very, very easy.

How would you describe Bisola in three words?

Mary Jordan: Zola is an active listener. She's a very good communicator and she's a problem solver. So when it comes to notion jobs, I highly recommend Zola. Thank you so much.

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