The Recording Experience - Kevin Iliff McCarthy

May 02, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kevin Iliff McCarthy

Kevin Iliff McCarthy: Hi, this is Kevin and, I'm home with the family here.

What did you use Generational Story for?

Kevin Iliff McCarthy: again. I used Generational Story to just record, some wonderful life memories for my family.

What was the recording experience like? How long did it take?

Kevin Iliff McCarthy: The recording experience was wonderful just going through it and talking it out loud on video like this just made it very special and I actually felt like I was talking to my kids and my family while I was recording it. So even though they weren't, they weren't around while I was, but it was very meaningful and, and I think doing it by video like this and as a recording, I think it's gonna be special for the whole family.

Who do you hope will benefit from your recordings?

Kevin Iliff McCarthy: I definitely hope my kids, our kids will, will watch these recordings and, kind of my life testimony but especially, especially the grandkids. It seems like the grandkids really hang on your every word and I think it'll be very powerful for them. I hope it is. I know it would have been for me if I had something like this from my grandparents. Yeah, that would have been amazing.

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