Jim Nelson for Generational Story

January 24, 2023

Video Transcript

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What was your childhood like?

Jim Nelson: What was your childhood like? It was a good childhood. I feel like. We always had clothes to wear and food to eat and had a good friends and I was raised in a good home with a good mother and father and a great brother and sister had a dog named Tip. That was a great, great friend that I would sometimes when there was nothing else around tip and I would go out and she was a good dog. She was, she was just a mongrel dog, but tell her to sit and she would sit and I'd go hide someplace and then give a whistle and she'd come looking for me and just come bounding around the house on all fours, just looking everywhere and looking, trying to find. We'd do that for hours sometimes. I had, I had a good childhood and raised with good friends, really good friends who are good people and raised in a good home. Uh I don't know if I'd change anything about those things.

What were your grandparents like?

Jim Nelson: What were your grandparents like? My grandparents were, I never knew my grandmother on my mother's side. My mother's maiden name was Loose, L double O. S. E. They uh, my dad's parents, I knew both of them, grandpa and grandma Nelson. They lived in Carson whenever I'd go to Carson of course we would always go up to see them and they would always give you something to eat and were nice and wondered what we were doing and interested in our lives.

What are you proudest of?

Jim Nelson: What are you proudest of? I'm proudest of my family. I'm most grateful for them. I'm proudest of them. I'm grateful that the sons and daughters have all turned out to be very good wives or husbands and parents and that they're good people. I feel that they are all good, honest people and I'm very grateful and proud of them.

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