Colorado Legal Services - Gavel Video Testimonial

February 26, 2024

Learn how Makiko Suzuki at Colorado Legal Services uses Gavel to provide free legal help to more Coloradans by saving significant time for staff and clients.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Makiko Suzuki, Programming and Support Specialist, Colorado Legal Services

Makiko Suzuki: Hi, my name is Makiko Suzuki and I'm a programming and support specialist at the Colorado Legal Services. I develop workflows and templates with Gavel and I'm also an end user.

Why did you choose Gavel?

Makiko Suzuki: Its clean UI, easy to use for the end user and for developing for the builder.

Can you describe what you've built with Gavel?

Makiko Suzuki: Our program has been using Gavel for both internal and external purposes, serving our staff and clients. For internal use, we build workflows for court forms. The external purposes are building the questionnaire and the screening interview for clients.

What impact has Colorado Legal Services made with Gavel?

Makiko Suzuki: We integrated Gavel into our case management platform, which allow our case data to auto populate into templates like court forms via Gavel. This is a crucial daily task that saves our staff a significant amount of time. After integrating Gavel, the time spent interviewing a client to complete important court paperwork for findings reduced from an hour to just 20 minutes.

Why do you love Gavel and why should others use it?

Makiko Suzuki: Using Gavel to save the staff time. This allowed Colorado Legal Services to provide free help to more low income individuals and all the Coloradans seeking legal help to retain housing access, public benefit, get out of debt, and much more. And as a developer, I found it easy to build workflows and code on templates. The Gavel add-in for Microsoft Word has been a huge time saver for me. It organizes all the variables for each workflow, making it easy to search for variables and it requires no coding.

Why is Gavel different from other similar products or services?

Makiko Suzuki: The most important aspect is that Gavel is easy for our staff and the client to use. It allows end users to complete, download, or email documents without any technical support. Additionally, Gavel is easy to customize and to code the template to meet the needs of each unit or staff member.

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