Creating Video Galleries

April 07, 2022

Video Transcript

Vocal Video makes it easy to create beautiful collections of your videos to share on a public page or embed directly onto your website or blog. Let's take a look at how this works. When you log into your Vocal Video account, you'll see that there's now an area for galleries. When we click to view all this will take us to the galleries page and you can see the variety of gallery types. You can create carousels and slide shows, lists, grids and walls. When we built galleries, we were inspired by customers who were already taking the individual videos and embedding them on their websites. Folks were doing things like adding quotes from the transcript to give you an immediate sense of what the videos were about. They were creating grids of videos to overwhelm you with the amount of social proof and we wanted to make it easy to design that right within Vocal Video so that you could take a single block of code and create these on your own websites. Let's take a look at some of the galleries that created as examples. This is an example of a wall. It's love that I've created with Vocal Video. You can see, you can add the pull quotes, You can add photos of the folks that you're featuring. You can also preview how these will look on your website, change your background to match the website or landing page that you will be embedding these galleries on cara cells are also very popular with a smaller amount of space. This is the list type where you can have the quotes next to the videos. Here's a grid again inspired by what we've already received customers doing just featuring videos and no quotes. And this is a simple slide show that you can create with Vocal Video. Now let's get into how you can start to customize these to fit your brand's look and feel. So when you get to the gallery section, it'll just click new gallery and this will bring a selection of all the different gallery types that you can choose from. Let's choose a carousel to look at. So here I have the preview of the carousel that I've already built here. You can add any of the videos that you've collected with vocal video or any uploads that you've added and you can get into some of the design settings. The most important building block of almost all of the gallery types are the video cards, you'll see this edit, featured quote and this will bring you into the card builder experience. This is the actual live transcript from that video. You can change up the attribution. You could also add a photo of your speaker if you'd like, just click save changes after you're done sending that up and that will appear in your preview as well. Get back into some of the other design settings for the carrier self settings. You can also play around with the different effects and whether or not you want it to blue, the format of the thumbnails. You can customize the colors in each of these galleries. You're creating the defaults will pull from what you have set up in your account branding in settings. You can turn on and off the card background gradient and choose whether you want your eras to be dark or light fonts can also be set here, your logo, which pulls from your account settings can be updated and then we can get into the corners and shadows some of the layout options. How many columns you want where you want the title to appear and choose from any of these backgrounds for your video page. It's important to note that the embeds you create with vocal video for your website would be transparent so they'll fit seamlessly into the already existing design of your website or blog. And we can go ahead and take a look at those here in the embed options, we can preview the embed. So say you have a white background on your website, this is how your carousel look on her website. You could also share that public please just by copying a public link. And if we open that over here, we'll see the page that can be shared easily with customers or prospects or colleagues as well as shared on social media. I also want to quickly get into how you can actually create an embed individual cards. So if you click on publish videos that will take you to your whole set of videos and any of these can be created as a single card. The way you do that is just to click this in bed, click on the video card and this will bring up all the same options that we saw from the carriage style and even some more. So we can see that we can update how this looks, we can modify the contents, upload a photo and we can change the design of the card as well. Once you have this looking the way you want, you can copy that in bed code and drop it directly on a website or blog as well. We're really excited to see the galleries that can build and share and the cards that you can embed on your websites. Please reach out support@vocalvideo.com If you have any questions at all.

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