Kyle Racki Co-founder and CEO at Proposify, speaker at Future of SaaS Festival

April 17, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kyle Racki, CEO, Proposify

Kyle Racki: My name's Kyle Racki. I'm the co-founder and CEO of Proposify.

Kyle Racki: It's harder than ever to grow a SaaS company right now. And a lot of times companies don't have their positioning figured out their go to market motion isn't quite established or they're serving too many different types of customers. And so what my talk is gonna be about is how to nail your positioning and then how to figure out your go to market motion to make sure that you're using the best motion, the best channels to attract the right type of customer that's going to add the most lifetime value to your business. So we're gonna be covering a ton of stuff related to that.

What wisdom are you hoping to leave attendees with after your talk?

Kyle Racki: The nugget of wisdom that I'm hoping to leave attendees with from my talk is really just clarity about how to focus your efforts strategically on a particular type of customer segment with the right positioning and the right level of touch in terms of how you actually bring them into your funnel, how you make them aware that you exist, how you move them through a sales process or through a product onboarding process, and really just kind of figuring out the blueprint that you can then take and go apply to your business so that your sales and marketing teams really have clear direction about what they need to do to grow the business. And it isn't just a, you know, spray and pray approach.

Why do you think people should attend Future of SaaS Festival?

Kyle Racki: because it's really important right now, given the economy and the way SaaS valuations have changed in the last year to really be up to speed on the cutting edge of where SaaS is going, how to build businesses without necessarily raising venture capital. And just hearing from experts who are in the field doing it every day so that you can really grow your SaaS business and not get left behind as the world changes around us.

Which other sessions are you looking forward to watching at Future of SaaS Festival?

Kyle Racki: I'm looking forward to seeing Navya Rehani Gupta, Chief Product Officer at Peek, talk about Vertical SaaS that truly differentiates: five strategies for success.

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