David Vogelpohl, CMO at FastSpring - Future of SaaS Festival

April 14, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: David Vogelpohl, CMO, FastSpring

David Vogelpohl: Hi, I'm David Vogelpohl the CMO of Fast Spring, a payment platform for SaaS companies.

David Vogelpohl: I'm really looking forward to the future of SaaS Festival where I'm gonna be talking about SaaS pricing and packaging strategies for global audiences. We're gonna cover why global growth is such a massive lever for your Sass business, how most SaaS companies don't do enough to optimize pricing and packaging for global growth and finally, actionable global pricing and packaging strategies that you can use to drive growth. Now.

What wisdom are you hoping to leave attendees with?

David Vogelpohl: I guess the nugget of wisdom, I would like people to take away from my talk at the Future of SaaS Festival is that growing global can be an incremental journey. It doesn't have to upend your business. There's material and actionable strategies that you can take right now to drive growth and it doesn't have to be a massive project. You can take this one step at a time to drive growth in your SaaS business. So if you walk away from anything from my talk, it is that growing global is approachable. Growing global can be incremental and it doesn't have to upend your business.

Why do you think people should attend Future of SaaS Festival?

David Vogelpohl: So why do I think you should attend the Future of SaaS Festival? Well, first off, I've had an amazing time in the Future of SaaS community on Slack, interacting with members and trading ideas. I think the fact that this event is virtual is fantastic and it gives us the opportunity to interact from people all over the world. And so I think the community aspect of Future SaaS is incredible. But I also think the content that myself and others are bringing present a unique opportunity to learn something that can help you drive material growth and move your SaaS business forward faster. I hope you get a chance to make it. I'll be there. I'll be looking for you.

Which other sessions are you looking forward to?

David Vogelpohl: So what other sessions am I excited about checking out at the future of SaaS festival? I think two really come to mind. I'm a growth nerd. So I have to go with metrics that matter. The KPIs every SaaS company should track by Brittani Dunlap and aligning your positioning, go to market motion and growth channels by Kyle Racki. Really looking forward to hearing those talks again, I can nerd out on growth all day long but really excited for the Future of SaaS Festival. I hope to see you there.

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