Felicia Bryant for Aquatic Ally Video Testimonials

March 26, 2023

Felicia warns people that Froggy's Lair is lying in order to take advantage of children's love for animals & expresses her disappointment in people's inability to treat other creatures with dignity.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Felicia Bryant

Can you explain what happened when you first started experiencing issues or realized the froggy’s lair biosphere was bad for your frogs?

Felicia Bryant: As soon as I saw them in the hardware store, I knew that, um, there's no way that they could live in those long term. So I immediately adopted them and brought them home and started doing research on what they actually needed. Um, and of course, quickly came across information about the company froggy lair that is um selling them and that they're just basically lying to people to sell them as entertainment for children.

How has this experience affected you?

Felicia Bryant: Honestly, it makes me angry to know that people still do this kind of crap and, um, the humanity hasn't evolved at all when it comes to, um, respecting other lives other than themselves.

If you could say anything to someone who was thinking about purchasing a Froggy’s Lair Biosphere, what would you tell them?

Felicia Bryant: If someone were to come across these in a store, I mean, it just takes common sense to know that that's not an appropriate long term living, set up for any kind of animal. I mean, if you get a cat or a dog, they don't live in a crate their entire life. And so, I mean, it's just common sense really. So if you want to get one, I would suggest doing your research first, um, unless you have the means to just bring them home and immediately start getting everything they need. Um, but otherwise, yeah, they're, they're lying to you.

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