Annika Vaksmaa for Customer Testimonial Videos

June 13, 2023

Annika Vaksamaa goes from nervous to confident, winning funding for groundbreaking research.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Annika Vaksmaa, Postdoc

What was the reason you needed Frankie's help e.g. "My team needed to improve how they came across to customers."

Annika Vaksmaa: I needed Frankie's help to deliver an engaging presentation to a funding committee.

How would you describe the experience of working with Frankie? Stick to 3 words if you want!

Annika Vaksmaa: My experience with Frankie was great. She was super supportive, dedicated, challenged me when needed and she definitely delivers.

What is something about working with Frankie that makes the experience unique?

Annika Vaksmaa: Working with Frankie was definitely unique because she made presenting playful and helped me totally to take off my nervous.

What outcomes did you or your team(s) achieve? E.g "We won our Series A pitch!" or "We've achieved greater connection as a team."

Annika Vaksmaa: I ended up getting the grant and as quoting the committee, I came across convincing and passionate.

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