Glen Hilliker Testimonial

May 12, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Glen Hilliker, CEO , Déneigement Loyal inc.

Please share your name, company name and years in business ?❄️

Glen Hilliker: My name is Glenn Hillier. I own and operate Loyal snow plowing north of Montreal. And I have been cleaning residential homes in my area since 2005.

What challenges did you face before using Follosoft?

Glen Hilliker: The biggest challenges that we had before using Follosoft was renewals, getting all those hundreds of hours of preparation to send up to the clients. And now you can just do it with the click of a button. The client sees it directly in their email and they can follow the steps to sign up very, very simply within minutes. Another issue was obviously us driving around and not knowing where our tractors were in real time. So we'd have supervisors driving and trying to figure out where they were and seeing how the best quality of, of productivity was being done. Um Another huge factor was, you know, we could never tell the client of our passage. So I mean, just the sheer fact that now we have time stamping of when the tractor has been to the property or the service depending on what service they need to take. And you can directly tell the client well, we do this and we have that and we were there at that time. I mean, that's a huge feature that definitely helps and makes life easier for us knowing that the work is being done properly.

Any hesitations about Follosoft before joining?

Glen Hilliker: For me knowing that I was able to take care of all of the renewals automatically through the CRM and being able to communicate with the clients directly through an email base and also having all their information in one portfolio. I mean, it was a no brainer. The hesitation was well there a cost factor behind it, but if you want to make money, you have to spend money. So I mean, at the same time too, for me, it was a no brainer to be able to move forward with something like this and make sure that my investment within the CRM within this program was going to bring me back money at the same time too. And ultimately, it definitely does.

How did Follosoft impact your business?

Glen Hilliker: Falso has impacted my business in every aspect from renewals, which is huge for me to being able to see what's going on with an operator in real time. Huge. The office is knowing what's going on in real time at the same time. So they know what we're doing when they're not exactly on the field and they're just answering the phone calls, being able to, uh, allow the alerts to go through to have a clear passage for our operators during a cleanup. Huge that brings down it by three times. Uh the amount of, of time you'd be spending moving people's cars. Um, my business has quadrupled uh, since I've taken on this CRM and this program and I definitely would not have been able to do that without every feature that this fantastic program has changed for my business and the better.

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