Orest Mahlay for Video Testimonials

March 20, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Orest Mahlay, Associate Director of Community Engagement, Razom for Ukraine

What feature of VoterVoice do you use most frequently, and how is it helpful in your work?

Orest Mahlay: On the advocacy team of ram for Ukraine, the tools we most often use are the email function and the call to action or campaign function within voter voice. Um Both of these functions help us to activate all of our constituents and advocates to take further action as well as inform our kind of base of supporters and advocates on what are the developments both in Ukraine uh when it comes to the war, but also what's happening on the hill. And so that we encourage all of our advocates to continue to take action to push for much needed support for Ukraine. And so that they continue to activate kind of their colleagues and friends locally as well.

How would you describe VoterVoice in three words?

Orest Mahlay: I would describe voter voice as easy to use, supportive and informative.

Can you share a time when VoterVoice helped you excel in your position or work through a roadblock you were facing?

Orest Mahlay: One situation where voter voice has been really helpful in excelling. Our advocacy efforts has been through our email messaging specifically when it comes to email segmentation and making sure that advocates and constituents with specific members of congress that we want to support our legislation, get certain messaging and certain calls to action. Uh This has been really important to kind of get more members of Congress to support the legislation that our team has deemed as a priority when it comes to supporting Ukraine right now. Um And one other kind of way that voter voice has helped us in this process is through the kind of messaging and recommendations about how to send emails to constituents and kind of interested advocates. And so that this has really helped us to kind of optimize our messaging moving forward.

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