Lucy Perry for Finance Broker Academy

June 28, 2023

Lucy Perry Coastal Asset Finance

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lucy Perry, Sales Support, Coastal Asset Finance

Tell us a bit about you, the business you work for and your role

Lucy Perry: Hi, my name is Lucy Perry. I work for Coastal Asset Finance. We are an AFS Compliance AR and have been for about a year. Now, my role within the business is sales support. So I focus on all the sort of the day to day queries, the ins and outs of what's going on in any operational side of things.

How did you hear about the Finance Broker Academy and what did you want to get from your attendance?

Lucy Perry: So we heard about the Broker Academy just through word of mouth really and people in the industry telling us about it. I wanted to come on board because I was completely new to the industry when I started the second cohort of the Academy I hadn't worked in finance before, but sort of wanted to start working for the family business. and didn't really know where to start. So this seemed like a good starting point just to get me like an overall insight of what it's like working in the industry and just a broad knowledge of all different aspects.

What was the quality of the tuition like? What did you enjoy most about the Academy?

Lucy Perry: So the training on the Academy was absolutely brilliant. Colin is just an absolute wealth of knowledge and has got a little anecdote for every single element of the training. We spent so much time just chatting about his experience in the industry and learned as much, probably from that as we did from the course in general. My favorite part of the course was actually the different experiences we got to hear about from everyone else on the course. So I felt like I met a lot of different people that I probably wouldn't have met before and they all had so much knowledge and experience that helped me in terms of training as well.

How has attending the Academy benefited you, your business or your customers?

Lucy Perry: So the Academy benefited me massively mainly because I hadn't worked in the industry before. So having the modules of the course behind me, it meant that I sort of hit the ground running a little bit more and had an idea of what I was talking about as soon as I started talking to customers. and it just meant that my training was easier when I finally got on the job. In terms of how it benefited the business, I think it meant that I had a little bit of a knowledge of different products that we wouldn't necessarily look at. So it's something that we could potentially explore and exploit in the future.

Would you recommend the Academy to others or be interested in attending future Finance Broker Academy courses?

Lucy Perry: I would recommend the Academy to anybody that wanted to take part. It was massively beneficial for us and our business and any future modules that they do. I would definitely be interested in taking part and expanding my knowledge further.

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