Tejas Parikh | CFO Summit May 10

April 27, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tejas Parikh, Founder/Director, Akshar Business Consulting

Tejas Parikh: Hi, I'm Tejas Parikh, I'm the founder/ director of Akshar Business Consulting limited, a solutions and consulting business for the office of the CFO. We believe in the tagline of, we take care of your reporting and planning so that you can focus on business partnering and that's the aim of our service.

What will you be speaking about at the upcoming CFO Summit?

Tejas Parikh: What I will be talking about in this session with Finance Alliance is about use cases where we have helped the office of the CFO to actually meet the businesses' demands. Because what we are finding more and more with our customers is that as the business landscape changes, the demands on the finance team is ever increasing. But that doesn't mean the finance leaders are able to go and hire a whole load of people. So how does a finance leader and a CFO make sure that you can meet the demands of your business without in such a challenging environment without hiring a whole lot of new teams. So this is a conundrum which we will help solve or at least touch upon in this talk.

What are you hoping attendees can take away from your talk?

Tejas Parikh: The key takeaway from my talk, I hope is going to be how you can implement technology within your office of the CFO so that your team can actually implement the frameworks that you are going to learn today from other speakers, around ESG around finance leadership around business partnering and things like that to implement those, you and your team still have eight or 12 hours in the day, right? So you cannot really do more with less unless you do something different. And that's what I'm going to talk about of how you can do something different using technology, go beyond Excel, go beyond, you know, we've always done it this way and actually look at transformation which is driven top down but delivered actually bottom up.

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