Glenn Snyder for FP&A Summit Silicon Valley

January 23, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Glenn Snyder, Interim VP of FP&A, Vacasa

Please introduce yourself (name, job title, company etc.)

Glenn Snyder: Hi, my name is Glenn Snyder. I am the interim Vice President for financial planning analysis at the Casa Inc. We are a publicly traded vacation home rental property company based out of Portland, Oregon.

What will you be speaking about at the upcoming FP&A Summit?

Glenn Snyder: I will be doing the opening keynote address and speaking about how to leverage FPN A to build out strategic partnerships throughout the organization to make a greater impact on not only the organization you're at, but the people who are involved as well.

What nugget of wisdom are you hoping to leave attendees with after your talk?

Glenn Snyder: So the one nugget of wisdom that I'd like to leave the audience with is that partnership is a two way street, whether you happen to be in F DNA or in the business or whatever your role is, each of you has goals that you're trying to achieve. And when you work together to achieve them, you're gonna make a bigger impact on the company and build out a stronger relationship.

As a finance leader, what do you think is going to be hot next year?

Glenn Snyder: So I think there are gonna be two things that are gonna be really emphasized over the next year in F DNA organizations. One is understanding underlying business metrics and drivers because that's where the story is. That's what's going to help you understand and hit your financial goals. The second is building out strong, trusting partnerships so that the business feels comfortable working with FPN A and knows that you're not just out to try and reduce their cost, but you're going to try and help them achieve their goals.

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