Chris Ortega for FP&A Summit San Diego

January 16, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Chris Ortega

Chris Ortega: What's up everybody it's Chris Ortega CEO of Fresh FP&A.

What will you be speaking about at the upcoming FP&A Summit?

Chris Ortega: I'll be speaking at the FP&A Summit on unleashing your inner leader, becoming the leader you wish you had

What nugget of wisdom are you hoping to leave attendees with after your talk?

Chris Ortega: One nugget of wisdom that I'm looking forward leaving all the attendees is that the role of leadership and finance and accounting, Finance, FP&A and all the way up to the CFO and even fractional CFO leaders. That's changed. And how can you meet the skills, passions, talents and experience that is demanded from the business in the future. So that's my one nugget. I'm looking to leave for all attendees.

As a finance leader, what do you think is going to be hot next year?

Chris Ortega: As a finance leader, the number one thing that I think is hot this year is all about the people. How do we help retain talent? How do we help keep developing talent? How to be attract talent, The talent and people focused for the office of the CFO. And Finance leaders is the number one pressing topic.

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