Leroy Hughes, Jr. ETTE Video Testimonial

November 01, 2023

Public Justice Video Testimonial for IT Managed Services by ETTE

Video Transcript

Speaker: Leroy Hughes, Jr., Vice President, Operations, Public Justice

Could you describe your experience working with ETTE ?

Leroy Hughes, Jr.: My experience working with ETTE. First of all, my name is Leroy Hughes. I'm Vice President of Operations with Public Justice. I have had a very good working relationship with ETTE, I've been working with ETTE for over a decade. They've also always been very professional. They've always been very intuitive with respect to providing quality customer service. They've always been on top of their game as far as developments in the IT space. I've been so impressed with them that I've actually recommended them to a lot of other organizations here in Washington DC area and they continue to maintain those working relationships because of the quality of services. Lawrence and Taylor and their team are very knowledgeable, very personable. They go above and beyond as far as providing high quality level of services. And I've been pleased with them for over 15 years. And so that says a lot about this company, this organization, their mission, how they value relationships. And so that's been very important

How would you describe ETTE in three words?

Leroy Hughes, Jr.: How would I describe ETTE in three words, professional, again, intuitive, personable. Those are three traits that have actually allowed me to maintain a long standing relationship. with ETTE, those are qualities that are very, lacking with a lot of businesses, this day and age. A lot of businesses are more so looking towards profiting as opposed to simply maintaining relationships and really trying to secure a level of trust. because it's very important, because when ETTE looks good, I look good with respect to the work that I do. And so it's very important to, me that those three traits that I just mentioned, are actually exemplified by this organization by this business and it's highly appreciated.

What makes ETTE stand out against the competition?

Leroy Hughes, Jr.: What makes ETTE stand out against the competition again? a very knowledgeable business. Lawrence, Taylor and his team, they only, they not only provide information and technology services, they're educational and that's really apparent. I mean, that's part of their name. They provide teachable moments with respect to information technology. They are abreast of developments in the field and they share that information. They have always been inclined to provide professional development opportunities to my staff to make sure that we truly understand the type of service that we're receiving and the implications of what's happening in, information and technology. We feel that we are ahead of schedule, you know, in comparison to a lot of other organizations because of the level of engagement that we have with ETTE Lawrence and his team have been able to really connect with us in such a way that we feel very comfortable about our IT infrastructure. And as I may have mentioned before, I've been so impressed over the years, I've referred them to other businesses in the metropolitan Washington, DC area because I'm that confident in their ability to provide quality services. And so if I put myself out there, my reputation to refer them to other businesses, that means that I think very highly of the work that they do and how they could actually contribute, you know, to that business's information and technology infrastructure. And so ETTE is a proven business commodity. They have a very good model. They're not only local but they're international, they have a very good team, very responsive. I've been very pleased with their services.

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