Etoile Academy Possip Academy

October 25, 2022

Video Transcript

How are your peers leading and making decisions using the routine flow of family, staff and student feedback?

Kayleigh Colombero from Etoile Academy Charter School shares her experience.

I just literally screenshot things and send it to staff members and say like, you know, by end of day follow up with this parent and circle back with me to let me know how it went. Um but then we do have some more like kind of step back review. So we have a monthly student retention meeting um where we really go through the student feedback and really talk about like and parent feedback too and talk about, you know, what could we do to continue to improve our student retention. And um so one small shift that we made is that we have a seminar for eighth graders where they apply to high schools, and we help them with that and eighth graders were saying that they were jealous of other schools where you could use your phones, and so, we decided that in that seminar they can use their cellphones to do research, play music, whatever as they're working on their high school applications. So we just kind of rolled that out in response to their feedback to help a student retention. So I think that you can do both like a quick like down and dirty handle this, this situation and this parent and problem solve. And you can also do like a step back where you have more time to really think about like what are some things we can put in place um and policies we can change to, to make students experience even better.

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