ESG & CSR Board Member Denise Vaughn from Ferguson Enterprises

February 28, 2024

Ferguson Enterprises Vice President of ESG Denise Vaughn talks about what she enjoys most about the ESG & CSR Board community.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Denise Vaughn, Ferguson Enterprises

What have you enjoyed most about your membership in the ESG & CSR Board?

Denise Vaughn: What I enjoy the most about the ESG & CSR Board is the sense of community. It brings together professionals across geographies and across industries to share best practices and learnings. It's also great in times of crisis. The speed in which the group rallies while we're all trying to make decisions about the best course of action -- we can lean on one another.

Could you describe a time when the community helped you?

Denise Vaughn: I've relied on the ESG & CSR Board numerous times for problem solving and strategic planning. One example that comes to mind is leaning on the community for input on organizational design and how to best position ESG across the organization for maximum impact.

What sets the ESG & CSR Board apart?

Denise Vaughn: A key differentiator with the ESG & CSR Board is the level of attention that you get from the facilitators and the Member Directors. I'll reference Andrew Dobbs. He is an incredible matchmaker, and he really listens to members' problem areas and is always willing to pair with another professional that either has gone through a similar situation or is simultaneously trying to solve a solution for the same problem.

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