Pragya for eQ Homes - Homeowner Reviews

March 28, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Pragya Dubey

What about eQ Homes made us the right builder for you?

Pragya Dubey: Our journey of buying this house has been an amazing one with eQ. We really love the quality of their construction and, even more, the layout and the design, and really, it feels so great to be in the house. But most importantly, um, their processes, the people have been amazing. They keep you updated all along the process, and that always made us feel like we are with the right builder.

What do you like the most about your new eQ Home?

Pragya Dubey: I love the house, the layout, the design, it's so clever. Everything feels just in the right place and I enjoy every corner of the house and the quality is so evident in everything from the quality of the cabinets to the finish on everything, the floors, the tiles, it's just perfect. And I love it.

Would you recommend eQ Homes and why?

Pragya Dubey: I would absolutely recommend eQ Homes to all my friends and family, really, because, you know, you want to get into business with people you can trust. Trust in them that, you know, they'll be fair and, you know, have the right business practices. It should be pleasurable to do business, and eQ checks all those boxes for me. And of course, the, the end product, the house is just amazing.

Is there anything else you'd like to say about your experience with eQ Homes?

Pragya Dubey: I think my biggest experience with eQ was really after we purchased the house and moved into the house and they handed over the keys. And there was, uh, an issue in the house that was really more my fault than the builders. But they were so great about it. They sent their teams, got that fixed right away. And I was just so overwhelmed with how nice and kind everybody at eQ was and it just, like, reinforced all the great experiences we've been having. But seriously, this was so above and beyond so I think, really, thank you to the eQ team.

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