Courtney and Jeffry for eQ Homes - Homeowner Reviews

May 04, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Courtney Bracken

What about eQ Homes made us the right builder for you?

Courtney Bracken: For us it was a few step process. First, we hosted our wedding here back in September of 2017 and had an amazing experience with just the whole day, everything leading up to the day. Um, it was a fantastic facility. The staff were amazing.

Courtney Bracken: Moving forward, I thought I would surprise Courtney on our second anniversary with the help of Marissa and Pat in the sales center.

Courtney Bracken: I blindfolded her on the way. I wouldn't tell her the day of that we were coming here. So she was completely surprised when we pulled into the sales center. And that that was definitely

Courtney Bracken: And here we are today. Living the dream. Living the dream. We've met some wonderful neighbors since we've been out here. Um, and we couldn't be more pleased with our decision to move to eQuinelle. This is our forever home. Thank you.

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