Would you recommend Energy Locals?

April 19, 2022

Hear from real Energy Locals members why you should make the switch to fair energy.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Terry, Energy Locals member. Srinivas, Energy Locals member. David, Energy Locals member. Aaron, Energy Locals member. Rosemary, Energy Locals member

Rosemary: I would recommend Energy Locals to anyone because of their fair pricing, the helpful service if you need to call, and the very user friendly and informative website.

Terry: Yes, I definitely recommend Energy Locals and I have done to family and friends to date.

David: What I love most about being with Energy Locals is that it's cheap, clean and fair. And I think most importantly, my energy usage is offset, making my overall footprint much greener and contributing to my community for a much more sustainable future.

Aaron: I would definitely recommend Energy Locals because they are an honest 100% owned and operated Aussie company that is committed to doing something about climate change by making clean energy affordable and accessible.

Srinivas: Yes I recommend Energy Locals to all my friends and family.

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