How much have you saved? - Square

April 18, 2022

Real Energy Locals members share their savings since making the switch.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Tim, Energy Locals member. Terry, Energy Locals member. Srinivas, Energy Locals member. David, Energy Locals member. Aaron, Energy Locals member. Rosemary, Energy Locals member

David: by energy locals, I'm absolutely saving money anywhere from 50 to $100 every quarter, which is just money straight into my back pocket.

Rosemary: and I have saved approximately $50 per bill.

Aaron: If I decide to leave, I would say on average, our energy bill is probably about 30 or $40 cheaper per month.

Tim: On a full quarters account we easily have saved about $200.

Srinivas: $100 a month with my last provider, but with Energy Locals the last two quarters, on average, I have been paying about $150 a quarter. So that's a saving of 50% compared to my old operator.

Terry: Comparing my last bill with my previous provider, and my first quarterly bill with Energy Locals, it was lower by over $110.

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