Allie Whitfield talks about working for CloudCoCo

August 22, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Allie Whitfield, Head of People

Let everyone know a little bit about you and your role at CloudCoCo?

Allie Whitfield: My role as head of people at CloudCoCo is all about our people. That starts right from sourcing and attracting the right candidates to come and join team CoCo. How we would then make them feel welcome with an onboarding process? How we train them and develop them things like getting feedback from people throughout the year and making sure that we're acting on things that will make CoCo a really good place to work. and just being a point of support for managers and for employees to make the whole employee life cycle better.

Could you share a few details about the favorite part of your role and the team at CloudCoCo?

Allie Whitfield: I really do think that everyone should come to work and feel like they're in a positive environment, that they're supported and they feel fulfilled and they've got opportunities. So driving those things that will add to that culture and that positive environment is my favourite thing about it all.

What stands out to you about the culture at CloudCoCo Limited?

Allie Whitfield: I think just the peak, the amount of genuinely passionate, nice people that we have in the business. no matter how much change we go through, anything that happens in the company, any curveballs that come in, there's always people that will have each other's backs and help and support each other, whether it's someone on service desk, helping another person on service desk with knowledge or skills or how to do something, or someone in the business just having a coffee with someone else on teams because they've been working remotely and not seeing people for a few weeks. I see things like that happening every single day, and it just it just makes it such a nice environment, and I think it's what makes CoCo so special.

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