Emplicity PEO - Jeff Rochester

January 05, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Jeff Rochester, President/Owner, Pacific Powder Coating Inc.

What is the most essential process Emplicity has been able to simplify for your company?

Jeff Rochester: Two things actually come to mind, the first that came to mind was what they were able to do for me with regards to the PPP loan program recently. Twice, they made that process so amazingly simple and was so very helpful to get us through that process on a day-to-day basis. I'd have to say the payroll. The support that we have on the payroll end of things with Emplicity is outstanding. When there's an issue it's handled quickly and we couldn't be happier.

Which Emplicity service has supported the growth of your business the most?

Jeff Rochester: I would have to say that... Well first off, if I had to employ people to do what Emplicity does for me, I would minimally have to have two people and that wouldn't address the HR support that we get from Emplicity. So I would say that being able to take those employee dollars and shift them into areas like quality for example has helped us grow substantially. We simply don't have to worry about so many things that you have to worry about when it comes to labor, when you have a PEO, like Emplicity.

How important is compliance to your business and how has Emplicity helped you with regulations?

Jeff Rochester: Well, being a California corporation compliance is huge. You know, and there's a lot a lot for us to be compliant with. Emplicity keeps all of our break rooms up to snuff with all the compliance posters that we need to post. They keep us totally dialed in with the Workman's Comp compliance. And another thing that we get with Emplicity, that's very, very helpful is the newsletters. In their newsletters we get brought up to speed with legislation that might be happening that we're not totally familiar with, OSHA regulations. Those are very, very helpful to us. So, Emplicity has helped us on a lot of fronts when it comes to regulation and compliance.

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