Nick Panagakis for Customer Testimonial Videos

July 26, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Nick Panagakis , Attorney , Morgan and Morgan, PA

Could you describe a case that EmotionTrac helped you?

Nick Panagakis : Hi, my name is Nick Panagakis. and the case that I want to talk about amongst the many that I've used EmotionTrac on over the last couple of years involves a truck, um, on car crash where, amongst other things, we tested a animation of the crash and the feedback that we got was really, really helpful and quite frankly told us that we needed to use the animation even though we thought that the animation would not be helpful. Um, and it really furthered my belief that EmotionTrac gives you very, very quick, very, very useful information in a very cost effective and time efficient way. And this visual evidence turned out to be very, very helpful to the case and the trial.

How would you describe EmotionTrac in three words?

Nick Panagakis : If I had to describe EmotionTrac in a couple of words, I would say cost effective, time, efficient, and decision making.

Why is EmotionTrac different from other similar products or services?

Nick Panagakis : What makes EmotionTrac different than any other type of focus group that you've been involved in is how easy and simple it is to use how quick the response is with minimal time, effort and, most importantly, very, very cost effective.

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