Thiago Reis for EdTech Week by StartEd

October 30, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Thiago Reis

How has the community at EdTech Week by StartEd helped you?

Thiago Reis: Hi, friends. I'm Thiago and I'm sending my records from Brazil and I just wanted to say how impressive I was with uh atte week 2023 just came back to Brazil and I had the most wonderful exper experience, full of connections and full of people that were open and willing to hear what everybody else had to offer and had to teach and learn. So it was really impressive. It was one of the best events that I've ever attended in over 20 years in my career in marketing and sales and over 10 years working in education. Um I really wanna be there for 2024. Uh And at Newby Mines, we already considered this one of our most important events in the US next year. Thank you very much. See you soon.

How would you describe EdTech Week by StartEd in three words?

Thiago Reis: Well, if I had to describe a tech week, uh in three words, I would say distributed knowledge sharing. And this has a lot to do with the whole design design of the event where we have multiple sessions happening in different places. So it is naturally distributed. And also the people there are willing to share their knowledge uh about, you know, trends in the industry and what they have done and what they're thinking about doing and new solutions and new approaches to old problems and new problems. So that's why these are the three words I would use.

Why is EdTech Week by StartEd different from other communities and gatherings?

Thiago Reis: But I felt that the community around at Tech Week was very much open to sharing um what they were trying to accomplish or what they have learned and how they could help. So, of course, there was the business side of it. Everybody there had business objectives, but everybody was also open to hearing about other, other people's approaches. So I think in that sense, it was one of the most um effective networking events I have ever attended. I think the people there were willing to connect and not only to be there and hear what anyone had, any, any speaker had to say. So that sets a tech week apart.

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