Junghyun Park for EdTech Week by StartEd Video Testimonials

October 22, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Junghyun Park

How has the community at EdTech Week by StartEd helped you? Feel free to provide a specific example

Junghyun Park: Hi, my name is Jung Hyun and I'm a founder and CEO of B Bridge, which is the tech start up from Korea. And um I actually participated the tech week, not only as a participant, but also as one of the members for the Gallery of innovation to run a booth and actually meet the people there. And the goal of our participation was to actually really, really deeply understand the US market and perspective of the adult learning or lifelong learning that we have been targeting for. And not only that we also wanted to meet some potential partners that could help us expand our business, uh us and globally. And um as a result, we really, really like uh or learned a lot in those two perspectives. I know it was definitely worth it to fly over from Korea to New York like 17 hours and I meet, meet people here. Um I'll give you some example. So in perspective of like learning the US market. And um we first had some hypothesis of how the people in the US would actually learn something new on their, their lifestyle. But the hypotheses was completely wrong after talking to like more than like 50 people here and hearing about like how they actually um learn on their daily basis was totally different from the our existing customers in Korea, for example, uh in Korea, uh lots of people commute to work by public transportation. Uh because the public transportation are, are like super well um are structured and, and also at the same time, the internet connection is so fast. So while they are commuting the subway or buses, they prefer to watch like let's say youtube videos to learn something new on their like free time. However, in the US, uh especially for the New York, the internet connections are not that good while they're in commuting, especially in subway. So rather than watching videos to learn something new, they would rather prefer to listen to the audio books or, or the uh like podcast to like to do some like life like to do, to do uh learning on their like free time. So like this is just one example, but those like life, lifestyle differences really gave us that we got to be approaching this market, us market very differently, not like from the uh how we have been targeting the South Korea uh users. So that really helped us a lot to um help us get out of the box of understand the customer. And also at the same time as I mentioned, the 2nd 2nd goal was to meet the potential uh partners partners in the, in the conference. And we did met like lots of like potential partner who were very interested in our technology. And I wanted to, I wanted to really use it on their, their like product or platforms. And um I'm thinking of really like uh contacting them and making some real uh uh good example or success cases to, to help us to expand our business there. So overall really like, it was definitely worth it to participate the Tech Week. And also, especially I'm really happy that I participated as a the member of the uh gallery of Innovation because thanks to the booth, I had a really great chance to met lots of the potential customers. And not only that um really the mentors who participated at tech, we really, really helped us a lot and not only as a potential customer but also as a like a mentor, they really gave us lots of like advices that we could really apply to when trying to enter in this US market. And um yes, and thank you so much for giving, holding this like great events and I'm really happy that I participated in this event.

Could you describe what you felt while attending EdTech Week by StartEd?

Junghyun Park: Um I felt so grateful by the people uh on the Tech Week because um they're not only just friendly, but there are like lots of people who are really, really willing to help me on the like, not only just understanding the US market, but also trying to like, give advice what they could actually help. Um Like, for example, on the booth, um every people I met when I like tried to like interview them, they were really like open to it. They were like willing to give an advice and they're willing to share their thoughts about it. And also for the mentors, like they're really like, they take, they took their 30 minute time to give a lots of advice and trying to really uh help us on like, help us on our business and, and like, some of the people were like, just visited us and I'm here like it trying to help us what we can do. And um yeah, yeah, overall, like, I was really grateful, I felt really grateful by the other peoples on the week I met. And um I really like, thank thanks. I'm really thankful for that one.

How would you describe EdTech Week by StartEd in three words?

Junghyun Park: Um as a, as a founder from Korea, um I would explain the Tech Week is a global tech gateway that really helped us to expand our business, not only in Korea, but also to us and also to the global so global tech gateway, three words.

Why is EdTech Week by StartEd different from other communities and gatherings?

Junghyun Park: As I mentioned, um every, every people I met on the Tech Week was like, so helpful and they're willing to like, give a device for us, even though even if like, I don't have any like a specific interest with them, but they're like willing to give lots of advice and they're willing to share their like thoughts and their experience. And I really, it was like, really awesome experience and um like, like, one of the like reason I'm kind of assuming is that maybe this community, this Tech week community as a one shared goal, it, which is like helping the world or making the world a better place by with the education. And um we all share that goal. Everyone participated with this. Everyone, everyone who participated this Tech Week would share that goal and um they're just willing to help others to reach that goal altogether. Maybe that's why the reason, that's why the people, everyone in the tech week are so uh so kind and so helpful.

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