Phil Vahey for EdTech Week by StartEd Video Testimonials

October 27, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Phil Vahey

How has the community at EdTech Week by StartEd helped you?

Phil Vahey: I'm Phil Vey of applied learning insights. And I found the community at Ed Tech Week to be amazingly welcoming. Um As a learning scientist, I was a bit of an outlier, but the community was really helpful in helping me understand where the direction of Ed Tech is going, what people are really focusing on. And it helped me see areas that I was very enthusiastic to see and truthfully a couple that I was a bit less enthusiastic to see as a learning scientist. But upon the community to be just incredibly welcoming and really informative.

How would you describe EdTech Week by StartEd in three words?

Phil Vahey: My three words to describe Ed Tech Week would be welcoming enthusiastic innovators.

Why is EdTech Week by StartEd different from other communities and gatherings?

Phil Vahey: Ed Tech Week was a place that I could really hear and understand the newest innovations and educational technologies, spend time meeting and talking with people and really understand how the different groups are trying to make an impact and how as a community we can really move forward together. It was a place where I could really make meaningful relationships and that was very exciting to me.

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