James Kelly for EdTech Week by StartEd

October 25, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: James Kelly

How has the community at EdTech Week by StartEd helped you?

James Kelly: The community at Ed Tech Week by stared has helped me in so many different ways, whether it's from uh helping me learn about investors, introduce myself to investors, learn about how to uh increase my outbound sales calls, um how to increase my um ability to get email responses, et cetera, uh learning from, you know, previous superintendents about what they want, what uh helps them and then also connecting with teachers and other fellow educators and other fellow entrepreneurs at all different steps of their journey. Um I found that it's been incredibly enlightening.

How would you describe EdTech Week by StartEd in three words?

James Kelly: If I had to describe a tech week by started in three words, it would be friendly, inspiring and diverse.

Why is EdTech Week by StartEd different from other communities and gatherings?

James Kelly: The main thing that makes a technique by started different from other communities and gatherings is the friendly nature and how open everybody is to meeting one another. Uh When you get people together, who all share, you know, the common goal, the common, sorry, the common goal of improving educational outcomes for all students. Um and using technology to do so you get a lot of like minded people and a lot of wonderful people who are teachers or have, you know, really strong, more values and are working towards really benefiting the lives of others. And so therefore, you'll find a lot of people who are extremely helpful um and extremely open to speaking with you, connecting you with their connections and overall just having a great time, whether it's over lunch or coffee or um you know, a random walk through the hallways.

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