Enterprise Data Strategy Board Member Caleb Lampert from Chick-fil-A

February 28, 2024

Senior Principal Team Leader Caleb Lampert shares his experience as a member of the Enterprise Data Strategy Board and how it helps move their data and analytics program forward.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Caleb Lampert, Chick-fil-A

What have you enjoyed most about your membership in the Enterprise Data Strategy Board?

Caleb Lampert: There's really two things that come to mind as far as what I've enjoyed most about being a part of the Enterprise Data Strategy Board. One is just hearing from other data leaders who are going through very similar challenges that I am. It's really helpful to hear from other practitioners who are facing a lot of the same challenges and maybe on a different part of the journey, maybe they're a bit further ahead than me, they can speak to what has worked well, what hasn't worked well. But a lot of that feedback and those discussions have been immediately actionable. The other thing that I really appreciate about being a part of the organization is that the topics themselves that are covered in group discussions are shockingly relevant to my world at any point in time. There's something posted in a forum or on a group call within the Board that I can immediately apply back into my organization, which is super helpful.

Could you describe a time when the community helped you?

Caleb Lampert: There's two times that come to mind when I think about specific examples of when being engaged in the Board has been helpful to me in my role in my organization. So one that I've really appreciated is hearing about how other professionals at very broad large organizations are tackling problems that are cross functional in particular and breaking down organizational silos when it comes to data processes, systems, etc. That's a challenge that we're trying to tackle at my organization, is putting on our data as a product "hat" that we're in that mindset if you will. And so hearing how other organizations have organized their data domains, understanding the types of roles they targeted to hire for, and even the way they structured their teams to tackle that challenge has been very helpful and applicable to bringing back some of those best practices to our organization. Another example that's been very helpful and eye opening is hearing how other professionals are thinking about measuring the ROI of data and analytics activities. That's a particularly challenging topic in our space, but it's very helpful in nailing down so that we can articulate the value proposition of our work clearly and tether it to measurable business outcomes. So hearing how other professionals that other organizations have thought about that has been helpful input for us and how we think about it at our enterprise.

What sets the Enterprise Data Strategy Board apart from other organizations?

Caleb Lampert: The number one thing that sets the Enterprise Data Strategy Board apart in my mind, is just not having any vendors or sales pitches as a part of the discussion. People who join these calls are trying to solve real problems at real roles at real organizations, and they're really invested in learning and helping others learn who may be on a similar journey. And so with that, people come to the table in my experience being incredibly honest and vulnerable in these discussions, which makes them really rich and substantive.

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