Claudia Dalla Palma for Earlywork Video Testimonials

March 05, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Claudia Dalla Palma, SDR, Attentive

What was the #1 misconception you had about landing a role in tech sales before the program?

Claudia Dalla Palma: a big misconception I had prior to entering the tech sales industry is that you need to come from a tech background. You need to know all the terminology, all the skills or the lingo. It's not the case at all. Tech sales is all about building relationships with customers, believing in your product, believing in your business and delivering impactful solutions to your customers.

What was the lightbulb moment when you knew software sales was going to be right for you?

Claudia Dalla Palma: So throughout the early work course, they run you through all the different subcategories that are involved under the big umbrella of the tech industry. I primarily thought it would be just associated with metrics, numbers and data. But once I've figured out that you can leverage tech software to build creativity for business drive, customer satisfaction and engagement that really resonated with with me being a creative person and,

What advice would you give to someone tossing up between a sales role in software vs other industries?

Claudia Dalla Palma: If you're someone who is thinking about getting into the tech industry, first off, I would highly recommend there is so much to offer there in terms of both potential and different career avenues you can sort of venture into. If you are a competitive and goal orientated person. This career would really work well for you. And it's a great career where you can be rewarded for your performance every day, which is awesome.

What advice would you give to people considering going through Earlywork Academy?

Claudia Dalla Palma: If you're interested in getting into tech sales and you're interested in applying for the early work academy, I couldn't recommend this pathway enough for me. It was a no brainer because I wanted to be well prepared, well equipped and ready to go and hit the ground running when I entered my SDR role. And that's exactly how I felt. And I was supported throughout the whole process, so if you're considering it, do it.

What role did the program play in landing a role at your current program?

Claudia Dalla Palma: There were so many ways in which the early work academy supported me through my transition into my new role in terms of the resources that you have access to. It is just an amazing way to get yourself used to the tools and the skills that you're going to use, Um, later on and them teaching you hands on experience with those tools, as well as the ongoing support that they provide you with. It's tailored, it's personable. They really go the extra mile to make you feel like you're succeeding and you're getting the most out of the whole programme.

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