Yvonne from Canada

March 30, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Yvonne , Canada

Yvonne : Hi all, this is Yvonne from Canada.

Can we see some examples of Draw Awesome artwork that you're most pleased with?

Yvonne : I'll show you a couple of the projects that I've done in the class. I was really excited that my very first drawing in one of the early lessons turned out to be something that I enjoyed doing and that I was happy with the finished project. So here is one of the very early pencil drawings that you do in the Course. And right at the beginning, the way Phil walks you through the process, you can end up with a nice-looking drawing. Later in the Course we had a project drawing a car with watercolour and pen and I have to say... not super into old cars and I wasn't sure if I would enjoy it - - but I really really got into it in the end and found out that I actually really enjoyed figuring out how that front bumper was put together! And I was really excited with the final product. I showed this to some of my family and they said "You did that?" So I took that as a compliment! Another one of the projects that I was a little apprehensive of was the Iguana that that you do in pen. I don't know if I've ever seen an Iguana! The drawing is a very detailed one and I wasn't sure if I would enjoy all of the small details. But the process of doing this drawing was in fact something I really, really enjoyed while I was doing it and I felt pretty happy with my Iguana at the end of that lesson.

Before starting Draw Awesome, what was your level of art experience and what did you struggle with?

Yvonne : So I went through most of my adult life not doing any kind of artwork at all. And then a few years ago I decided that I would take a few beginning classes at my local Community Centre. Then, during the pandemic, those shut down and I started looking for online courses and I did a few of those, but was really, really excited to start doing the Draw Awesome Course. It's definitely...Phil is one of the best online teachers that I have found. I think one thing, well, things I struggled with when I was very beginning was getting proportions right - - getting shading right - - trying to look at something I was drawing and end up with a drawing that actually looked realistic and looked accurate. So those were some of the things that I was looking for in an online drawing class.

So, how do you think Draw Awesome has helped you?

Yvonne : So I have a fairly busy work life and one thing I really enjoy about Draw Awesome is that it's always there for me. I'm probably going at a slower pace than some people, but I just keep going from one lesson to the next and I'm really excited to see how my work is coming along. One thing that surprised me about the Course, is even in the very first couple of lessons, where you're just doing pencil sketches... ...the way Phil teaches, you end up with something that you can be proud of and that you can be excited about. So that was really, really interesting for me to see. I will say I myself am a teacher and I've gotten lots of good teaching tips just by seeing how how systematic Phil is with teaching this Course. One thing I was a little worried about doing was the ink drawings because of course, with ink, once it's down on paper there's no erasing, but I found again I just really was able to produce what I think were successful drawings just by the way Phil carefully walks students through the process.

Finally, what do you like most about Draw Awesome and would you recommend it to others?

Yvonne : So I've taken a few online drawing and painting courses and I think Phil is one of the best online art teachers that I have found. His lessons are very well organized, very systematic - things are very progressive. So he walks students through the process of creating a drawing in a way that I think really ends up in students learning the skills... ...learning how to see. He doesn't... ...take any shortcuts. You know, there's no tracing or anything like that. He's actually teaching students how to draw what they see, which is a really exciting skill to develop. He goes at a really nice pace - - it's not too fast - - it's not too slow. He knows where students are going to have problems and he acknowledges that and explains how to get through some of the tricky parts. It's just overall... ...he's an excellent teacher in the way the Course is designed is very kind of thoughtful and well put together. I certainly... ...really, really recommend it to to all of you.

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