Vyrna from USA

March 29, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Vyrna , USA

Vyrna : Hello, I'm Vyrna, I'm talking from United States.

Can you show us some of your Draw Awesome artwork that you're most pleased with?

Vyrna : Some examples of first time medium. Very new! Never done before charcoal. Look at this, You can see an ocean here! It's amazing! I'm proud of it! And thanks to Phil's guidance - - pastel pencils. I mean everybody says that looks like real. It's amazing! And my new addiction... it's like, pen and watercolour. I I did only watercolour, but with the magic of pen! Can you recognize that?

Before starting Draw Awesome, what was your level of art experience and what did you struggle with?

Vyrna : So before Draw Awesome watercolour was pretty much my only medium. I play a little bit with colour pencils, but I was pretty much it and I had a really, really hard time to draw figures.

How do you think that Draw Awesome has helped you?

Vyrna : I have to say Draw Awesome has changed my life. Literally! I will be always grateful to Phil for that. Now, after almost a year of Draw Awesome, I take commissions! I have my art website and I feel way more confident. It's just like magic! I would say, but good technique with a good teacher. Thank you, thank you Phil for that!

Finally, what are some of the things you like most about Draw Awesome and would you recommend it to others?

Vyrna : So what I like the most about Draw Awesome is the way that Phil teaches the class. It's so easy to follow and sooner or later you're gonna accomplish the results. I mean that's guaranteed... if you follow all the steps, if you do everything that it's in the class that he guides you to do it. There's no way that you cannot do it. I mentioned before that I didn't know how to draw figurines. So I had this picture of my daughter taken on the beach. So I I tried to do it and that's the result in a sketch of a graphite pencil. And in the end, he had a challenge about doing the figurines in a different medium and putting a second figure in it. So I did her in watercolour. Yeah, there's a second figure in here - that's my son - but that's OK! But and you know, Draw Awesome, gives you freedom. And I think that's the most important thing... Now I have freedom in my art. I have confidence and I still have lots to learn. But I found my path. Thank you very much... ...Draw Awesome! Thank you very much Phil. I love you guys! I love the website and I highly, highly recommend it for anyone who says that they cannot do art. They cannot... cannot draw or anything. Yes, you can! Go watch Phil's classes! Thank you guys. Bye!

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