Sue from New Zealand

January 26, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sue , New Zealand

Sue : Hi Phil i'm Sue and i'm a Kiwi living in Sydney, Australia.

Can you show us some of the artwork you've produced with Draw Awesome?

Sue : This was a piece that I did. This is a pastel piece. I've never worked with pastel before. I loved it so much, I did it again. I did a larger version. I think that it's the most incredible thing. I can't believe I did that! It's just beautiful. Also this was another one that I loved. Another one in pastel. Just beautiful. And we've got the chicken, but that was another terrific one, colored pencil and graphite. Oh my God... I love graphite! And lastly here we have charcoal. I love this Course because everything you teach us Phil, I can't say that I have a favorite because I love all the mediums. You have just shown how... how easy these materials are - - just because simply because of the way you teach. It's extraordinary.

Why did you decide to join the Draw Awesome Course?

Sue : I've always been interested in art right from when I was a little girl. I'd see other people drawing and beautiful creations and I just wish that it was me, but I didn't have it in me. I've tried... I've done different courses and I've learned little bits here and there. I've done a bit of watercolour. Yeah, mainly watercolour and I've done a little bit with you Phil on Art Tutor but I'd always get sidelined and forget about things and whatever. But when you started the Draw Awesome Courses I thought right I'm going to sign up to this and I'm gonna do my homework every week. And I have and I've loved it and I have learned so much from you! I will be eternally grateful. Thank you.

How has Draw Awesome helped you?

Sue : Draw Awesome. The course has just been incredible right from the start. Every week I'd see what we're going to do that week and I think "I don't know about that..." but every week I amazed myself and I've loved everything that I've produced. You have no idea how happy that makes me.

Sue : Friends and that have been commenting and blown away by what I'm producing and they... you know... they keep telling me how wonderful I am, you know how creative and how clever I am and Im, like, "No, it's not me!" It's - it all comes down to Phil Davies Draw Awesome. He is the best, best teacher and I stick by that.

Sue : Every week I cannot wait to see what we're doing next because I know no matter how difficult it is, I'll look at it and think, "Okay, another challenge". But I know I'll meet it every time. I've never ever felt so confident and so happy with my art before and really it's not me who's so great. It's you Phil - it all comes down to what you're teaching us.

Would you recommend Draw Awesome to others?

Sue : The reason I really love Draw Awesome, I think is because Phil you're a real person, it is like working... drawing with a friend.

Sue : But you know, I love how we've spent a month on each medium, it really gets us a chance to really grasp it and then it's so exciting moving on to the next one. It's just everything about the Course - - you know, it's been really exciting for me sharing this with my family and friends because people are blown away by what I'm doing.

Sue : I tell you if you want to learn to draw, do the Draw Awesome Course because we can all learn, we can all draw if we want to. Phil's there to show us how to do it, so get out there and have a look at it.

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