Gretchen from USA

January 26, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Gretchen , USA

Gretchen : Hi my name is Gretchen Lobas and I'm from Columbus North Carolina, United States of America.

Can you show us some of your work produced with Draw Awesome?

Gretchen : Hi, this is two of my artworks that I really was pleased with in Phil's class. This boat here that we did and that was in pastels, and then this one here, which we did in ink and watercolour.

What do you think you have improved since you joined Draw Awesome?

Gretchen : When I was young, I took a lot of art classes in College and such and then got married and had children and stopped doing art for 40 some years. I just started back up about four years ago and I would say that I struggled with seeing things properly. And that's what this course has helped me a lot with.

Gretchen : I would say that Phil has really improved my art by leaps and bounds. I have art from before and after, and there's pretty much no comparison. Even the portraits that I've done since taking this Course - they look so much better. And so there I'm enjoying it much, much more than I did before.

So would you recommend Draw Awesome to others?

Gretchen : I would highly recommend Draw Awesome and I think has really improved my drawing skills, my painting skills and everything, and I think Phil is just a terrific teacher.

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