Carole from UK

January 26, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Carole , UK

Carole : Hi, I'm Carole and I'm from the UK.

Can you show us an example of your Draw Awesome artwork?

Carole : This is one of my favourite pieces. It's one of the lessons and I love the colours, but I also like the clarity of it. It's coloured pencils and coloured pencils you can so easily get a bloom on your work, but Phil actually talks you through all of it. And you know, it's it's absolutely so easy to follow. One of his strengths is his communication skills. You know, he really is brilliant at making you understand exactly what he means.

Why did you choose Draw Awesome?

Carole : Before Draw Awesome, I actually joined Art Tutor and I'd had two or three years on Art Tutor and that closed. So I joined Draw Awesome. Prior to that, I had done some art at school and then I was a busy Mum and you know, work got in the way. And it wasn't until I retired that I felt I'd like to have another go.

Carole : Draw Awesome for me is exactly that awesome! Release day Monday is like Christmas Day, open up a magical lesson that I can lose myself in and sometimes they're quite big lessons so I can fill the week. I've learned so much about value, proportion and perspective, and knowing exactly what to do really does improve your work.

So would you recommend Draw Awesome to others?

Carole : The things I like about art - Draw Awesome rather - and Art Tutor prior to it, but particularly Draw Awesome, the effective, clear instruction and the results that I have been able to achieve. Because of that, it's absolute value for money, the level of tuition versus the cost. It's a real bargain and it's a monthly payment so it's easy to fit it into your budget. Would I join? Would I tell other people to join? Absolutely! I've got my brother joined into Artkula and I shall be pushing him to join Draw Awesome too. Now I'm very, very happy with it.

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