Berit from Sweden

January 26, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Berit, Sweden

Berit: Hi everyone I'm Berit from Sweden.

Can we see some of your Draw Awesome artwork?

Berit: Well I'm supposed to show you some things I've I've done, that I'm happy with it with it actually. I'm a little bit proud about my person. I know that it's not perfect, but I would have never dared to just attempt drawing a person so that I think it was a surprise to me that it looks like a person. So so I'm quite happy with that. I also actually I'm quite fond of my of my eyes. They don't look exactly like the pictures we were supposed to draw, but they all are strong eyes. I mean they look at you, they have an expression. So that like I'm in the middle of the charcoal module at the moment and I had to stop the course for a while because I have to admit charcoal is not my medium. I well at least not now, maybe at some point I struggle with it because it's... oh, it's I find it messy and limiting and maybe that's what other people like very much, but still I managed to bring myself to finish the drawing. So here's the drawing. So while I'm not particularly proud of the drawing, I'm pretty proud of myself because I finished. So that's also worth something!

Why did you choose to join Draw Awesome?

Berit: When I started with my Draw Awesome journey, I already had taken some courses from Art Tutor and I really, really liked the courses from Phil, so I thought that Draw Awesome would be something for me, but I was still a really beginner. I would still consider myself beginner's level, so I don't think that has changed yet, but I I think I learned a lot already. I struggle most with proportions I guess, and also with being nice to myself, so I don't have - I can't spend a long time drawing long times at one stretch. So I get tired, so then I make mistakes and then that's one of the things I already learned. I just have to make more breaks. Yeah, so I'm still a still a beginner, I would I would say.

Berit: Taking lessons in Draw Awesome helped me a lot to just realize that what I really like about drawing is - drawing! It's not actually the the outcome! So and... it also helps me to whenever I struggle, I hear Phil in my head. And he has such a nice way, to just in a calm and steady rhythm to explain different steps. And I was surprised because no matter which medium in which object it's always the same process. And this is something I take with me and therefore, I yeah it is. I enjoy drawing and I try to not look that much on the outcome at the moment. But I also realized that if I put it away for a while then I can look at the picture in a better way. Now I see the things that I've learned and that I do better now and I see the things that I still struggle with but I don't punish myself for them for them anymore. I just - I had - DrawAwesome has helped me to understand in a better way, what I need to train in order to do the things better that I don't like about my pictures. So I think that's the key takeaway for now, but I'm still in the middle of the process so I'm sure there will be much more to come.

So would you recommend DrawAwesome to others?

Berit: Concluding I can say I enjoy very much being part of this Draw Awesome group. I've had a lot of people commenting very kindly on my uploaded pictures in the network, which I think is seldom these days. But the reason I started Draw Awesome and why I'm there still is that I think Phil is an incredibly good teacher and being a teacher myself - - not an art teacher - I'm another kind of teacher, but I know how difficult it is to express something and explicate something we do quite naturally to someone who is on an entirely different level. And that is something I admire about Phil. And this is something that helps me a lot and brings joy to my work. So I definitely would recommend - I actually already have recommended this to several people. So if you're still wondering if Draw Awesome is something for you and maybe if you're like me, a new beginner and you see some of the pictures that others have uploaded and think, oh my God! - then just don't, don't compare yourself to anyone. Just compare yourself to yourself and and take it as a journey and look where it brings you. I think it's really worth the trip. Thank you everyone.

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