March 10, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Hazel, UK

Hazel: Hello, my name is Hazel and I'm from Leicester, in the UK.

Can you show an example of your Draw Awesome artwork that you're pleased with?

Hazel: This is one of my charcoal pictures that I did. I didn't think I'd like charcoal. It's a bit messy, but I really got into it. I think I shall do quite a few more charcoal pictures in the future because this was definitely a good start for me and I enjoyed doing it. I've shown my husband and some friends and they could see that I was getting better, so that's always a bonus, isn't it?

Before starting Draw Awesome, what was your level of art experience and what did you struggle with?

Hazel: Before starting Draw Awesome, I'd say I'd class myself as a beginner. I tried several things over the years, never feeling pleased, never feeling that I was getting any better. I decided to try Draw Awesome because I decided to learn from scratch - - learn to draw and then build on that.

How do you think Draw Awesome has helped you?

Hazel: Since joining Draw Awesome, I do feel I've improved and more importantly, I've started to notice the things that I do wrong. I can recognize when I'm not getting something right, which is a bonus! I look forward to the projects as they get released. And one of the things I do like is that you can work at your own pace. You are given guidelines, but if you can't manage to do something one week, it doesn't matter. It's still there for you a week later, or whenever. And that is really useful. Feedback from other members is very nice. If you put your picture online, they can make comments. Generally, they're good. It's nice to see what other people are doing and not compare yourself... ...but just to realize... ...you know, people are going in for this that are quite good and people are going into it that are real beginners. And it's nice to see other people - - how they progress. So it's quite a little community really. It's very enjoyable.

Finally, what do you like most about Draw Awesome and would you recommend it to others?

Hazel: The things I like best about Draw Awesome are that you can work at your own pace - - you can go back and do something again. You can stop-start as often as you want, but you still get that intimate feeling, like you're working with a teacher, in person. Yeah, I think it's a really good learning process and I could quite see myself going through the whole thing and then starting it again, just to go back and see how I've improved from when I first started. So that is useful because once you've got the Course you've got it to keep and you know, you can refer back to it as often as you want. I'd certainly recommend it. I'd recommend it to anybody who wanted to improve themselves. Not just to learn to draw, but to take things further and try other mediums. So yeah, it's very good and I'd definitely recommend it!

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