Andrea from Canada

January 26, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Andrea, Canada

Andrea: Hi - My name is Andrea and I'm from Ontario Canada.

Can we see some of your Draw Awesome artwork?

Andrea: So I think the projects that really struck me the most were the ones that I looked at first and thought, "oh I could never do that" and thought that the detail was too much detail or was something that I wasn't used to drawing. So for example, when we came to the iguana I thought I could never get all that detail in there. It was just getting lost in the detail, but with the instruction and taking it step by step and piece by piece. I was very happy with how that turned out with the old car. This is not something I would think of drawing and it actually made a very pleasing picture. It was very enjoyable to do and I love the effect, the old rusty rusty vehicle. And yet it's... it's something that's beautiful to me. I never used pastel pencil before and I really loved the feel of the pastel, the look that it gives. I also loved how this was really my first portrait I had done and how well it turned out that it looks like a like a person. So that was a lot of fun to learn how to use and also how to get a good likeness. And I also loved learning how to figure out angles and measurements to get people even in action poses where they actually look like people - not stretched-out cartoon characters. So that was also a great learning curve great learning curve there.

What do you think of Draw Awesome?

Andrea: What I like about the Draw Awesome Course is that it's giving you the skills behind the drawings, so learning how to take that into different drawings, different drawing styles. Also I like learning the different media, such as the charcoal, pastel and coloured pencil and applying it to different subjects that I never would have thought of doing before. That expanded from what I was comfortable doing to making me comfortable with many other subjects as well. I would definitely recommend this to anyone, either starting out or even if you've been doing art to get a good background. A good foundation of those skills that can help you going forward into wherever you want it take you.

Thanks Andrea!

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